Visual Studio 2013

New versions of the SilverLining Sky, Cloud, and Weather SDK and the Triton Ocean SDK are now available from our download page, both including support for the newly-released Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 compiler. You’ll find Visual Studio 2013 C++ libraries in the lib/vc12 directory of each SDK, for 32 and 64 bit targets for each runtime library. They should work fine with the free Express Edition as well as the paid, professional versions of Visual Studio 2013.

Our SDK’s continue to include pre-built libraries for every version of Visual Studio going back to .NET 2003, and in the case of SilverLining even as far back as Visual C++ 6.0. And, of course, we continue to support MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux developers through our separate packages for those platforms.

Everything should work seamlessly for customers evaluating our SDK’s or using our pre-compiled libraries and DLL’s. Licensed customers building from source should note that there are some tricks involved in getting CUDA 4.2 programs to build under Visual Studio 2013. Contact for details if you need to rebuild the Triton CUDA DLL for any reason.

We’re proud to support this latest version of Visual Studio within a week of its release, continuing our commitment to keep adapting SilverLining and Triton to new development environments as they emerge.