The Triton 3D Ocean & Water SDK

Leave your 3D water requirements to us. Save years with Triton’s proven tech.

Fast, realistic 3D water for OpenGL, DirectX, OpenSceneGraph, and Unity Developers.

  • Automatic 3D oceans for any sea state, plus ship wakes
  • Used in real maritime simulators
  • Simple, reasonable licensing
  • Quick integration with major simulation & gaming platforms
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Smooth blending of Triton's 3D ocean with a coastline, with SilverLining skies and lens flare.

Dynamic Oceans for Any Beaufort Scale

Triton produces real 3D waves with unprecedented realism and speed. This isn’t just another 2D water shader – it’s a 3D ocean simulation.

  • GPGPU-Accelerated Wave Simulation using CUDA, OpenCL, and DirectX11 Compute Shaders
  • Over 65,000 individual waves at over 500 frames per second
  • Fresnel refraction and reflection
  • Planar and environmental reflections
  • Smooth coastline blending
  • Breaking waves along shorelines
  • Particle-based spray and foam
  • Add swells from distant storms
  • JONSWAP, Pierson-Moskowitz, and Phillips wave models.
  • Handle Beaufort scales and Douglas Sea States 0-9
  • Underwater “god rays” and visibility effects
3D ship wake effects: Kelvin wakes, propeller wash

Ship Wakes, Impacts, and More

Your water has stuff in it – no problem. Ships, helicopters, and projectiles can all disturb Triton’s water with 3D wakes, waves, and spray.

  • 3D Kelvin wakes from ship bow and stern
  • Propeller backwash / turbulent wake effects
  • Particle-based spray at the bow and along the hull
  • Helicopter rotor wash effects with 3D wave displacement
  • 3D impact simulation from projectiles
  • Tidal stream wakes from stationary objects
  • Fast height queries for powering buoyancy models
  • Volumetric decal effects that move with the water surface

Easy Integration With Your Engine

Triton integrates into most engines with just a few lines of code. Like hundreds of other developers worldwide, you’ll be up and running quickly.

  • Support for OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL 3.2+, DirectX9, and DirectX11
  • Unity integration offered through SimBlocks Triton SDK for Unity
  • Libraries for Windows and Linux
  • Integration built-in for osgEarth and OpenIG
  • Sample code for OpenSceneGraph (OSG), Ogre, Torque 3D, and more
  • C++ and C# API’s provided
  • Works with any coordinate system, including whole-Earth ECEF / geocentric
  • Renders infinite oceans or shades your own water mesh
  • Fast, responsive technical support
SilverLining Sky & 3D Clouds SDK


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