We put together an updated demo video of our Triton Ocean SDK – check it out!

This video was made with Triton 3.26, captured live from within VT MÄK‘s VR-Vantage stealth viewer, which is built on top of OpenSceneGraph. There’s no video editing trickery here at all – it’s all footage captured via FRAPS running on nothing more than a single NVidia GTX970 card in a desktop PC. It showcases many of Triton’s unique abilities in real-time ocean simulation, including its advanced ship wake system, spray effects, rotor wash, Beaufort and swell state simulation, and environmental and object reflections. The ships in this video are powered by VT MÄK’s own buoyancy system, using Triton for fast height queries on the ocean surface.

Thanks to our friends at VT MÄK for making this video possible. If you’re new to Triton – go learn more and download a free evaluation SDK.