SilverLining and Triton togetherOpenSceneGraph remains the most popular framework our customers are using for real-time visual simulation. As such, we often receive questions about how to properly integrate our SilverLining 3D Cloud, Sky, and Weather SDK and Triton Ocean SDK together in a single project. While both SDK’s include numerous samples for OpenSceneGraph, there are a few tricks for things like reflecting SilverLining’s skies and clouds in Triton’s water, lighting Triton’s water with the sunlight and moonlight from SilverLining in a realistic manner, or getting fog on Triton’s water to match the horizon of SilverLining’s sky.

To make this simpler, we’ve put together a simple example of using both SilverLining and Triton together in the same OpenSceneGraph application:

We hope it is a useful reference! SilverLining and Triton are better together, and this code will show you how to get the best results.