HvaokWe’ve updated our Havok integration of the SilverLining 3D Cloud, Weather, and Sky SDK – now you can use our latest version, SilverLining 4, with the latest version of Havok Simulation, 2014.2.

This gives simulation developers using Havok access to the same atmospheric effects used worldwide by hundreds of the biggest training and simulation companies out there. 3D volumetric clouds, physically-accurate skies, and realistic weather effects are all wrapped by a simple engine plugin, complete with integration into vForge as an entity class. Even SilverLining 4’s new volumetric stratus clouds are accessible.

New in this version is support for Visual Studio 2012 projects, in addition to Visual Studio 2010. We’ve also crafted it to avoid any dependencies on the installation of the game version of Havok, to ensure it works seamlessly with Havok for Simuluation.

The SilverLining / Havok integration package is available as an easy-to-use installer, with sample projects and scenes included. You can get it now from our download page. Be sure to have at least an evaluation version of the SilverLining SDK installed first, as well as the Havok simulation engine.