A pile of cash.Do you have projects planned for 2015 that need realistic 3D water, 3D clouds, weather effects, or dynamic skies? Maybe you’d even like to quickly upgrade an existing game or simulator with better environmental effects. Now might be the time to ask for purchase approval for new SilverLining and Triton licenses from your company.

Not everyone knows that companies often have unused funds in their annual budgets at the end of the year, and in some cases, it’s “use it or lose it.” It’s possible your organization has money set aside for software, and as we enter Q4 it’s often easier to get approval to use it. Here at Sundog Software, we often see a big surge of sales in Q4 for this reason.

Another good idea is to renew your support & maintenance plan for existing licenses. It’s only $1000 for 12 months of updates – and both SilverLining and Triton have seen some huge advances in performance and visual quality that you may have been missing out on.

So, if you’ve been putting off asking for purchase approval for one of our licenses – ask your manager or accounting folks again. You might get a pleasant surprise! Contact sales@sundog-soft.com or visit our purchase page for more information.