Ship Scene with Triton Ocean SDKOur Triton Ocean and 3D Water SDK is already known for its speed, using GPGPU technologies to accelerate the simulation of thousands of waves at once. But we’ve made it even faster. Now, you can include high-quality 3D water in your game or simulation without taking a big performance hit in the process – in our tests, an infinite ocean can be drawn in just 1-4 milliseconds depending on your graphics card.

We’ve sped up our use of CUDA for FFT acceleration, removed pipeline stalls in our OpenGL renderer, and improved the performance of intersection tests against the water.

A free evaluation of the latest Triton release is available from our download page, and licensed customers with an up to date support and maintenance plan may access the new release here. We will be rolling these improvements into our Unity asset soon as well.

Also available: Triton SDK for Linux | Triton SDK for MacOS | Triton for Unity Pro