Large, dense 3D cumulus clouds in SilverLining  2.44We’re pleased to announce version 1.42 of the Triton Ocean SDK and version 2.44 of the SilverLining Sky, Cloud, and Weather SDK, available now from our download page. Licensed users with up to date support plans may download the full source distributions here.

These revisions contain bug fixes and new features, detailed in the release notes (linked to from the download page.)

In SilverLining 2.44, we’ve polished up our Ogre sample integration to better handle shadow maps, and added a new C# example for integrating SilverLining’s skies, 3D clouds, and weather effects with XNA Game Studio 4.0 projects. SilverLining 2.44 also features improved cloud lighting when “quick and dirty” lighting mode is disabled, and fixes a bug with DirectX9 that would sometimes result in black rectangles flickering in the background.

The Triton Ocean SDK 1.42 also includes improvements to Ogre integration, and features improved propeller backwash effects that work better with curved paths. It also includes some bug fixes you’ll want to pick up that will improve performance on x64 builds on NVidia systems. Finally, Triton 1.42 includes a new Ocean::SetLoopingPeriod API. This may be used to produce animation sequences for Triton over a specified time period that begin and end with the same wave state, useful for producing short video clips that may be seamlessly looped.

When updating, take care to update the resources directory your application specifies, as well as the libraries and headers you’re building against. Most errors encountered when upgrading are a result of mismatched resources, libraries, and headers from different versions of our SDK’s.