Posted by Frank Kane on 29th January 2013

Sundog Adds God Rays, Cloud Shadows to SilverLining SDK

Orlando, Fla. (January 29, 2013) – Sundog Software released version 2.7 of its SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud, and Weather SDK today, rolling out several new visual effects for game and simulation developers.

Crepuscular Rays in SilverLining 2.7 “SilverLining 2.7’s most eye-catching improvement is crepuscular rays, AKA God rays” said Frank Kane, founder of Sundog Software LLC. “Beams of light emanate from the sun when it’s behind clouds, leading to visually stunning scenes with no extra effort from the developer.” This update also provides new “shadow maps” that developers may use to cast shadows from the clouds on the ground, and “environment maps” that may be used for reflecting SilverLining’s simulated sky on water and other objects. These environment maps may be used with Sundog’s Triton Ocean SDK to produce realistic sky reflections on Triton’s virtual oceans.

Real-time Cloud Shadows in SilverLining“It’s a big update,” continued Kane. “In addition to new ray, shadow, and reflection capabilities, we’ve expanded support for very large cloud areas to DirectX-based engines, made some fixes to our lens flare and real-time cloud growth effects, enhanced our support for customers using multiple viewports, and improved our integration examples for the Ogre engine and for C# development.”

SilverLining 2.7 is available now at . Packages are available for C++ or C# developers on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android platforms. Integration kits are available for OpenGL, DirectX, Havok, OpenSceneGraph, Ogre, Unity, and more.

About Sundog Software LLC

Founded in 2006, Sundog Software specializes in the real-time rendering of natural environments. Its SilverLining and Triton C++ and C# libraries provide OpenGL and DirectX developers with visual simulation of the sky, ocean, 3D volumetric clouds and weather effects. Sundog’s software is used worldwide by professional game developers, large military contractors and aviation companies developing flight training simulators, architectural visualization companies and broadcast video application developers. Its customers also include NASA and the FAA.

Sundog Software is located outside of Orlando in Winter Springs, Fla. To learn more, please visit

9 Responses to “Sundog Adds God Rays, Cloud Shadows to SilverLining SDK”

  1. adib says:

    Do you plan to make an optimized implementation for OpenGLES 2.0?


  2. Frank Kane says:

    We do have an Android version of SilverLining available built on OpenGL ES 2.0, but we haven’t ported the shadows and crepuscular rays into it yet. They just use FBO’s which are supported, so hopefully we can just reduce the texture sizes being used and it’ll just work. Right now there’s an iOS port in the works, so we’ll probably update the Android version at the same time.

  3. adib says:

    Waiting for the iOS port!


  4. albedo says:

    writing your blog post in first person would sound less hokey. otherwise, keep up the good work!

  5. Frank Kane says:

    Fair point albedo. This is a press release which is why it’s written the way it is, but it probably belongs in the “press release” section of the site with something more informal in this section.

  6. I am considering buying the unity version
    does the unity version of silverlining support godrays and cloud shadows ?
    i see no projected shadows from the directional lightsource in the demo ..

  7. Frank Kane says:

    Thanks for having a look! The Unity version of SilverLining is a completely separate product, written from the ground up in C# and using Unity’s frameworks. As such, there are certain visual effects that are only possible when using Unity Pro, including shadows and crepuscular (“god”) rays. These are features of Unity Pro, as opposed to features of SilverLining – there would be no way to create these features in the free version of Unity.

  8. anton barnard says:

    So does the latest version of silverlining using unity pro 4.13 support the same features as your silverling 2.7 product above or not ?



  9. Frank Kane says:

    No, the Unity version of SilverLining does not have all of the features of the C++ SDK, such as precipitation effects, geocentric support, and stratocumulus clouds. But, that’s why it’s an order of magnitude less expensive than the C++ SDK.

    The point I was trying to make is that some of the features in the SilverLining 2.7 C++ SDK already exist in Unity Pro, such as god rays and shadows, so it wouldn’t make sense to try and offer them as part of SilverLining for Unity.

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