Up and To The Right

The numbers are in for 2012, and Sundog Software continues to post strong year-over-year growth. Gross profits are up 35%, and net income is up 72% from 2011. Many thanks to our new customers from 2012 as Sundog starts to reach an exciting inflection point. They range from simulation, to games, to visualization, and even offline rendering.

Much of that growth is attributable to the popularity of our Triton Ocean SDK, with 2012 being the first full year of its availability. We’ve also expanded our online advertising efforts, which has increased awareness of our products around the world.

We continue to invest our earnings back into product development, and the rapid pace of enhancements to SilverLining and Triton has only increased in 2012. SilverLining and Triton saw 27 updates released apiece in 2012, meaning our libraries are more stable and integrate more easily than they ever have.

2012 also saw the introduction of our support for the Unity engine, which has been growing at a good pace. Already, our products are consistently in the top 10 for Unity effect plugins in the Unity Asset Store.

We look forward to an exciting 2013 as Sundog continues to advance the state of the art for realistic real-time outdoor virtual environments.