We’re proud to welcome MetaVR as a customer of our Triton Ocean SDK! They are showcasing some videos of their Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) and the new 3D ocean simulation capabilities it offers on their website.

VRSG’s Triton integration is one of the most complete and well-tuned ones we’ve seen. In addition to 3D ocean sea states and ship wakes, they have integrated Triton with VRSG’s sensor simulations, reflections, and bathymetry data for some very convincing results. They are also doing some innovative work on modeling the interaction between ship hulls and the water surface. Having supported their engineers during the integration effort, we know MetaVR highly values accuracy and performance, and we think they’ve achieved both.

MetaVR has posted some videos showcasing their Triton-powered 3D ocean capabilities, a couple of which we’re including here. Combined with their high-resolution ship models with 100,000+ triangles per ship, you’ll see some very convincing maritime scenes. You can find further information, videos, and screenshots, at MetaVR’s 3D ocean simulation page.

MetaVR VRSG 3D Sea States from MetaVR on Vimeo.

MetaVR VRSG Strait of Hormuz Provocation Scenario – 3D Ocean Simulation from MetaVR on Vimeo.

(Images, trademarks, and videos used with permission.)