The Triton 3D Ocean & Water SDK

Leave your 3D water requirements to us. Save years with Triton’s proven tech.

Fast, realistic 3D water for OpenGL and DirectX Developers.

  • Automatic 3D oceans for any sea state, plus ship wakes
  • Used in real maritime simulators
  • Simple, reasonable licensing
  • Quick integration with major simulation & gaming platforms
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Smooth blending of Triton's 3D ocean with a coastline, with SilverLining skies and lens flare.

Dynamic Oceans for Any Beaufort Scale

SilverLining produces accurate skies for any given time and location, fast and automatically. Spend your art resources on something else. Triton produces real 3D waves with unprecedented realism and speed. This isn’t just another 2D water shader – it’s a 3D ocean simulation.

  • GPGPU-Accelerated Wave Simulation using CUDA, OpenCL, and DirectX11 Compute Shaders
  • Over 65,000 individual waves at over 500 frames per second
  • Fresnel refraction and reflection
  • Planar and environmental reflections
  • Smooth coastline blending
  • Breaking waves along shorelines
  • Particle-based spray and foam
  • Add swells from distant storms
  • JONSWAP, Pierson-Moskowitz, and Phillips wave models.
  • Handle Beaufort scales and Douglas Sea States 0-9
  • Underwater “god rays” and visibility effects
3D ship wake effects: Kelvin wakes, propeller wash

Ship Wakes, Impacts, and More

We use multiple volumetric rendering techniques to give you the most realistic 3D clouds at the best performance. We’ll conjure up any weather you want.
Your water has stuff in it – no problem. Ships, helicopters, and projectiles can all disturb Triton’s water with 3D wakes, waves, and spray.

  • 3D Kelvin wakes from ship bow and stern
  • Propeller backwash / turbulent wake effects
  • Particle-based spray at the bow and along the hull
  • Helicopter rotor wash effects with 3D wave displacement
  • 3D impact simulation from projectiles
  • Tidal stream wakes from stationary objects
  • Fast height queries for powering buoyancy models
  • Volumetric decal effects that move with the water surface

Easy Integration With Your Engine

Triton integrates into most engines with just a few lines of code. Like hundreds of other developers worldwide, you’ll be up and running quickly.

  • Support for OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL 3.2+, DirectX9, and DirectX11
  • Libraries for Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Integration built-in for osgEarth and OpenIG
  • Sample code for OpenSceneGraph (OSG), Ogre, Torque 3D, and more
  • C++ and C# API’s provided
  • Works with any coordinate system, including whole-Earth ECEF / geocentric
  • Renders infinite oceans or shades your own water mesh
  • Fast, responsive technical support
SilverLining Sky & 3D Clouds SDK


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