Sundog Education, a division of Sundog Software, launched its latest online course, “Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack – In Depth and Hands On!” Elasticsearch is a very hot technology right now, and you can share this link to enroll for just $19.

Elasticsearch isn’t just for search anymore. Although it started out as a distributed platform for powering full-text search on big websites such as Wikipedia, these days you’re just as likely to find it powering web analytics systems. By using the larger “Elastic Stack” ecosystem of Elasticsearch, Logstash, Beats, Kibana, and X-Pack, you can construct an end-to-end system that collects, publishes, analyzes, and archives your web log data, and allows you to visualize it in real time – and at massive scale.

This course covers it all, from installation to operations. With 8 hours of video content across 60 lectures, it teaches how to craft JSON queries for just about any search or aggregation you can dream up, how to import data into Elasticsearch at massive scale, using Logstash, Filebeat, and Kibana, integrating with other systems such as Kafka and Spark, and much more.

We’re quite proud of this latest course’s structure and production quality. Please spread to word to any technologist who wants to learn these valuable skills, and add the Elastic Stack to their big data toolchest.