Triton Oceans for UnityWe’ve released an update to our Triton 3D Oceans for Unity asset, bringing AAA and simulation-quality 3D ocean effects to the Unity engine. Triton for Unity includes the same technology used by our Pro C++ SDK, at a price friendly to smaller projects.

New features in this update:

  • Compatibility with the new Unity 5.1.1 release
  • Works with Unity’s new built-in support for VR headsets such as Oculus Rift
  • Smoother ship wake effects on ships that have a RigidBody and physics-based motion
  • Better compatibility with custom world unit sizes
  • Visual improvements to water spray effects
  • More realistic dissipation of ship propeller backwash over time
  • Various visual and performance improvements

Go get a free trial version of Triton for Unity; if it suits your needs, licenses may be purchased directly from our website, or through the Unity Asset Store.