NVidia CUDAA quick tip: if you are targeting NVidia hardware with your application that uses the Triton Ocean SDK, there’s a configuration setting that may provide a good-sized performance boost. Open up the file resources/Triton.config in a text editor, and look for this line:

fft-enable-sync = yes

Try setting this to “no”, and measure the results.

Originally, we introduced a hard sync in CUDA each frame because it was needed for stability. However, we’ve found that on modern drivers and modern hardware, it no longer appears to be needed – and eliminating it can get rid of your application’s bottleneck in some cases.

If you try this out and do experience stability problems, please contact us at support@sundog-soft.com and let us know what driver and video card you’re using. We’d like to hear more from our customers on the impact of this setting before we turn it off by default.