Breaking Waves in Triton 3.06Version 3.06 of the Triton Ocean SDK features an improved breaking waves effect, seen here in this image from VT MÄK’s VR-Vantage image generator.

The effect now includes a foam texture to represent waves as they start to crest near the shore. These waves displace the water surface in three dimensions even before they start to crest, and as they approach the shore, they will spread out and flatten as they would in the real world.

Breaking waves rely on height map bathymetry data provided to Triton; this allows the waves to follow the contour of the underwater terrain, and break at the appropriate time. A long, shallow falloff will result in waves breaking further from shore, while a steep cliff will result in breaks right on the cliff.

While the effect looks good from the ground, it looks the best from the air, and so it’s most worth the effort in flight or UAV simulators.

See our documentation for more information on how to activate the breaking waves effect in your own Triton-based maritime simulation.