SilverLining effects in Train Simulator 2015Dovetail Games recently released Train Simulator 2015, which integrates the SilverLining 3D Cloud, Sky, and Weather SDK to power their environmental effects. Our technology is powering their dynamic skies and time of day effects, atmospheric effects, 3D clouds, and precipitation!

Of course we had to go look at the feedback on Steam and the various forums – and we’re pleased with user reactions. Most users report these new effects have little to no impact on their framerate (similar feedback to X-Plane users flying with our clouds,) and there are lots of customers posting screenshots featuring Train Simulator’s new weather capabilities.

We worked closely with the developers at Dovetail to provide quick support on integration issues they encountered, and all in all I think the end result worked out quite nicely – we both ended up with better products in the end. We wish them continued success!