Sandstorm in SilverLiningThe SilverLining Sky, 3D Cloud, and Weather SDK now features visual simulation of large dust storms, also known as a “haboob”. You’ll find a new SANDSTORM cloud type, and examples of using it in our sample code and in our documentation.

There is a new Sandstorm section in the resources/silverlining.config file, which allows you to adjust things like the color of the dust cloud, and the density and color of the fog within it. Although it uses the same technology as our cumulus clouds, it features the use of “soft particles” so the intersection of the dust cloud with the ground looks smooth.

Below is a short video showing an approaching sandstorm using SilverLining, and the decrease in visibility as it passes over the camera. We’ve heard from our military customers that simulating sandstorms is important for training purposes, and we hope this new capability of SilverLining proves useful for training scenarios.