New release of the Triton Ocean SDK provides fast, realistic water and waves for developers

Spray and breaking waves in Triton 1.2Seattle, WA – November 18, 2011 – Realistic ocean waves with foam and spray as they break near the shore are coming soon to games and simulations worldwide. Sundog Software’s latest version of its Triton Ocean SDK provides developers with a toolkit for adding convincing open-ocean and shallow water effects to their virtual environments.

“Our top customer request was the handling of coastlines, and Triton 1.2 does this with unprecedented performance,” said Frank Kane, founder of Sundog. “Developers simply provide the depth and slope of the seafloor, and Triton automatically adjusts the wave heights, direction, and transparency to match the scene. As the waves break, foam and spray effects add to the realism. Even with tens of thousands of spray particles running alongside tens of thousands of individual waves, we’re still seeing performance of hundreds of frames per second.”

Triton takes full advantage of multi-core processors and general-purpose GPU computing capabilities to achieve its performance. Its new support of breaking waves and shallow water rests alongside Triton’s previous features, including simulation of specific wind conditions, water reflections, ship wakes, and support of virtual environments that span entire planets.

“Some big names in both the computer gaming and the simulation and training worlds have already adopted Triton,” said Kane, “and we’re excited to bring these industries the same level of realism to water that we provide to the sky with our SilverLining Cloud, Sky, and Weather SDK. Together, these products form the basis of outdoor scenes that replicate any given conditions.”

A free demo application, evaluation SDK, images, and videos are available at Sundog’s website, at

About Sundog Software LLC

Founded in 2006, Sundog Software specializes in the real-time rendering of natural environments. Its SilverLining and Triton C++ libraries provide OpenGL and DirectX developers with visual simulation of the sky, ocean, 3D volumetric clouds, and weather effects. Sundog’s software is used worldwide by professional game developers, large military contractors and aviation companies developing flight training simulators, architectural visualization companies, and broadcast video application developers. Its customers also include NASA and the FAA.

Sundog Software is located outside of Seattle in Sammamish, Washington. To learn more, please visit