The Triton Ocean SDKWe received a tremendous response to our solicitation for beta testers for the upcoming Triton Ocean SDK(tm), Sundog’s latest product. We emailed our current customers and folks who subscribed to our mailing list, and were quite pleasantly surprised by the interest. News of the beta was also picked up by At this point we have more than enough testers lined up, and we’ve closed our application survey and are moving into testing.

Keep an eye on our website and sign up for our email newsletter (you can do so over in the right column there) to know when Triton’s released. We’re really excited to launch this new product, and we think you’ll like it. Triton offers infinite FFT-based oceans rendered from any height in flat or geocentric systems, with real physical simulation of waves for any given wind or Beaufort scale conditions. What really sets it apart is how it adapts to the parallel computing and GPGPU capabilities of the system it’s on; it can take advantage of multi-core processors, OpenCL, CUDA, and DirectX11 Compute Shaders depending on the environment, leading to 300+ fps on modern systems.