Head over to our download page to download the latest update to SilverLining, version 2.16. In this release, you’ll find improved support for OpenGL 3.2 and above, with all stray calls to deprecated OpenGL functions being removed, and improved driver compatibility. We also added support for lightning effects and atmosphere from space (atmospheric limb) effects for OpenGL 3.2+ contexts.

SilverLining 2.16 also adds support for Direct3D9Ex devices. To take advantage of this, just use SilverLining’s DirectX 9 renderer and pass it your Direct3D9Ex device when initializing the Atmosphere. SilverLining will detect that your device is an Ex one, and change the memory pools it uses automatically to be compatible with Direct3D9Ex.

As always, updates are free to licensed customers, and you’ll be able to find the full source distribution of 2.16 at the same URL and password you received with your registration.