We continue to work behind the scenes on a Vulkan renderer for our SilverLining 3D Clouds, Sky, and Weather SDK, and it continues to go more smoothly than we hoped for!

This week a very important milestone was achieved – integration of SilverLining and its new Vulkan renderer into a VulkanSceneGraph application. A large number of our existing customers are using SilverLining with OpenSceneGraph, and VulkanSceneGraph (VSG) is intended as its successor. So, VSG support is a pretty big deal for us. The image above shows SilverLining’s sky and cumulus clouds behind the teapot in the vsgviewer application included in VSG. (You can also view a short video clip just to see that it is in fact real!)

There are still a few things left before we make this available; better memory management, implementation of shadow maps and precipitation, and more testing and performance tuning. But all the biggest risks in this project are already behind us; I’m hoping our next announcement will be that of a beta release.

Many thanks to PSquare Interactive LLC for their ongoing work on this project!