An important change was rolled out in SilverLining 4.074 that may affect customers with synced, multi-monitor or multi-channel displays.

Our guidelines for multiple displays used to advise using the srand() function with a consistent random seed value prior to creating any cloud layers with SilverLining::CloudLayer::SeedClouds() to ensure the same clouds were generated across multiple displays.

However, on Windows, the rand() function only returns values between 0 and 32767. This just wasn’t enough of a range for some things SilverLining needs to do, such as randomly positioning precipitation particles. So we were forced to implement our own random number generator instead.

This means that srand() will no longer affect SilverLining’s placement of clouds, or anything else for that matter. Instead, use SilverLining::RandomNumberGenerator::Seed(). For example:


This would take the place of srand(1234).

When updating your SilverLining library to version 4.074 or newer, please be sure to check your application code for calls to srand() that need to be updated.