While running Sundog Software is still my “day job,” I also dabble in sharing my experience in the fields of big data and data science through online courses. Through Udemy, I have the opportunity to teach people around the world highly valuable skills at very low cost. It’s my way of helping anyone, regardless of income or nationality, learn technical skills and get a job that might change their life. If you’re reading this, you probably also have technical knowledge to share – and I recommend doing so!

My latest course is called “Apache Spark with Scala – Hands On with Big Data“. Apache Spark is the hottest framework for distributed programming against massive data sets on a cluster, and this comprehensive course covers all of Spark’s capabilities. With 7 hours of video and over 20 hands-on examples, it provides lots of real practice – using real data sets and real code. By the end of the course, you’ll be generating movie recommendations using one million movie ratings on a real Hadoop cluster, analyzing social graphs with GraphX and Pregel, analyzing structured data with SparkSQL and DataFrames, and tracking the most popular hashtags on Twitter in real time using Spark Streaming. This is really powerful technology, and understanding Spark is a highly valuable skill.

I’ve made a course like this before that used Python, but this new course uses the Scala programming language instead. Spark itself is written in Scala, and Scala gives you the best performance and access to all of Spark’s latest features. To get you up to speed quickly, a crash course in Scala is included.

If you or anyone you know might benefit from this course, please check it out and get a discount, and spread the word!