You may know that in addition to Sundog Software, I also dabble in producing online courses on Udemy.

Today I launched my latest course: Taming Big Data with Spark Streaming – Hands On! If you follow that link, you’ll get a special discount on it.

Spark Streaming is a hot technology for processing and analyzing massive streams of data as they are generated. For example, clickstream data from a fleet of web servers, or sensor data from an “Internet of Things” application. Spark Streaming lets you receive, transform, analyze, and store this raw data across a cluster – making it a highly scalable solution for processing big data as it happens!

My course includes almost 6 hours of video content, and lots of hands-on examples. As a bonus, it also includes a crash course on the Scala programming language. By programming in Scala, you’ll get access to all of the newest features of Spark Streaming. And that’s important, because it is still an emerging technology that’s evolving quickly.

If you’re interested in learning more – please check out my new Spark Streaming course!