I/ITSECI’m at the I/ITSEC conference in Orlando this week, which is the premier training and simulation technology conference in the US. And, I’m seeing lots of our customers displaying visual systems that feature SilverLining and Triton!

If you’re at the show, see if you can spot our clouds and water. Some of the displays I noticed are:

AECOM (booth 1070) – Their X-IG product features SilverLining’s skies and clouds, and it looks fantastic.
VT MAK (booth 372) – The VR-Vantage line features a great integration of both SilverLining’s skies and Triton’s water effects.
Alpha Pixel (booth 21) – They’re offering software engineering services work and are displaying Sundog’s visuals as an example of their integration expertise. Check them out!
JRM Technologies (booth 185) – I spotted our clouds in what looked like an IR demo there. Hope to talk to them more about it this week.
Kongsberg Globalsim (booth 192) – They have a couple of different water technologies, but it looked like Triton was in use on their display on the side.
Adacel (booth 5) – Their ATC training system features SilverLining’s skies and clouds integrated into a DirectX environment.
CM Labs – They’re showing some demos of their Vortex product used for Port training, and one of the most physically intense integrations of Triton we’ve seen.
3D Perception, Canon, and Digital Projection – All three of these vendors are showing huge multi-channel displays featuring AECOM’s X-IG demo, which prominently features SilverLining.
US Navy – I’m told they’re showing CSC’s Virtual Ship in the Navy booth, which is built with our Triton Ocean SDK.

We have many, many more customers at the show as well – I thought I spotted our stuff in a few more places too. So if you’re looking for a good conversation starter – Sundog is something most of you at I/ITSEC have in common!

Here are a couple of photos I took (with permission) from Alpha Pixel and AECOM:

Sundog at I/ITSEC with Alpha Pixel

Sundog at I/ITSEC with AECOM's X-IG