Triton 3D Oceans for UnityWe’ve decided to discontinue our Triton and SilverLining packages in the Unity asset store. If you already own Triton or SilverLining for Unity – don’t panic! Although they will be labeled as “deprecated” in Unity, existing customers are free to continue using them as long as you’d like, and we’ll still answer your questions.

The ongoing cost of supporting and maintaining our offerings for the Unity game development community exceeds the revenue it brings in – and the trends are not going in the right direction. There is continued downward price pressure on Unity assets, and at the same time the Unity ecosystem is increasing in complexity and becoming more expensive to support. We’ve also encountered an increasing amount of extortion, harassment, and fraud from Unity customers that we don’t see in other markets, and life’s too short to deal with that sort of nonsense. From both a business and a personal standpoint, it’s a fairly straightforward decision.

However – it’s still possible for new customers to use SilverLining’s skies and clouds within Unity 3D through AgileSrc LLC’s BlueSkies package. It is aimed at simulation and training developers, and is a native wrapper around the actual SilverLining C++ SDK. Definitely check it out!

Our C++ SDK’s remain alive and well, and are still going strong. Their higher price points compared to Unity readily support ongoing development. So don’t take this to mean Sundog isn’t doing well; in fact 2015 is shaping up to be our strongest year yet, by far.

As a courtesy to people who may have been evaluating Triton recently, we are still selling licenses for Triton for Unity in our online store. However, please be sure you’ve thoroughly tested Triton in your Unity project using our trial version first – we’ll continue to answer any questions you may have about Triton for Unity, but we are not planning any future updates to it.