Triton Oceans for UnityWe’ve released an update to our Triton Oceans for Unity asset, which brings Triton’s fast, simulation-quality 3D ocean effects to the Unity game engine.

This maintenance release fixes several issues introduced by recent updates to Unity:

  • Triton’s field of view on the Oculus Rift is again correct in our demo scene, following a change introduced in Unity 5.1.3 that no longer set it properly automatically. Please refer to the Start() method of our DemoControls.cs script for an example of setting the proper FOV, if you’re affected by the same issue.
  • We’ve removed the environment map reflection option in favor of the planar reflection map option, due to issues with retrieving the native texture handle to a cube map within Unity.
  • Ship wake waves are now more pronounced.
  • A simulation of “tiny bubbles” in turbulent areas of the water is added, to produce more realistic water shading.
  • A potential crash at shutdown on ATI/AMD cards has been worked around.

This release should once again maintain Triton’s stability and visual quality within the Unity engine. Triton is a full-featured water engine for Unity, including buoyancy, impacts, ship wakes, rotor wash, volumetric decal textures, reflections, and much more.

Triton is compatible with Unity 4.6 Pro, or Unity 5.x releases. Free trials and demos are available, and Triton for Unity may be purchased from our online store.