Triton Ocean for Unity Pro Mac OS XTriton Ocean and 3D Water for Unity Pro is now available for the Mac OS X platform! Studios using MacOS as their development platform now have access to Triton’s GPU-accelerated 3D water effects, complete with reflections, spray, and buoyancy effects.

Triton is a native plugin, so porting it to Mac was no small effort. However, we ended up with comparable performance to the Windows version, so you can be sure your scenes designed on the Mac will perform as well or even better for Windows end users.

We did run into some limitations on Unity for Mac with rendering to our floating point height map texture, so height map based coastal effects aren’t available yet in the Mac version. To compensate for this, we added a new “depth offset” setting that can be used to resolve depth buffer artifacts near coastlines instead. Apart from that, the Mac version is identical to its PC counterpart.

We hope Triton Ocean for Unity Pro / Mac OS X opens up realistic water simulations to an even wider audience. Visit the Triton for Unity Pro product page for a demo, free evaluation, and more information.