A minor release of SilverLining for Windows is now available at our download page. This release offers better handling of DirectX9 device reset events. Previously, you needed to delete and re-create your Atmosphere in response to device resets, but with SilverLining 2.13, they may be handled in a much more lightweight fashion.

We’ve made changes to create all of our resources as managed resources so they can survive a device reset, and exposed two new methods to Atmosphere (D3D9DeviceLost and D3D9DeviceReset) which you can call immediately prior to and after the device reset. Doing so will cause our shaders to capture and restore their states surrounding the reset. By using these methods, device resets are much more lightweight using SilverLining.

As this revision only affects users of our DirectX9 renderer, we haven’t issued a new release for Linux or MacOS; the latest revision for those platforms remains 2.12.