Sundog’s SilverLining™ brings simulated skies, clouds, and precipitation to Gamebryo® LightSpeed™
SEATTLE, WA, December 2, 2009

Sundog Software LLC, a leading developer of computer graphics middleware for rendering the sky and 3D clouds, has partnered with Emergent Game Technologies, a worldwide leader in game development services and tools. An integration of Sundog’s SilverLining SDK with Emergent’s Gamebryo® LightSpeed™ is available today, and brings physically realistic skies, clouds, lighting, and precipitation effects to licensed users of LightSpeed. LightSpeed delivers the only professional technology for start-to-finish multi- genre/multi-platform game development.

Enabling rapid prototyping, rapid iteration and real-time updates, LightSpeed simplifies game and visual simulation development through a data driven framework that opens doors to exciting gameplay and training possibilities. SilverLining allows game and visual simulation developers to specify any time, location, and weather conditions they wish, and produces matching skies, clouds, and weather effects within their application automatically.

SilverLining also generates realistic natural lighting for outdoor scenes, by simulating the scattering of sunlight and moonlight through the atmosphere. “By integrating SilverLining with Gamebryo LightSpeed’s level creation tools, completing realistic outdoor scenes in a game is now just a matter of a few clicks,” said Frank Kane, Owner of Sundog Software. “For games and training systems with outdoor environments, the sky and everything in it is a big part of the scene. We’re proud to offer our physically-based rendering to the long list of customers producing groundbreaking content with LightSpeed.” SilverLining is used by developers across the world for rendering skies and volumetric clouds in games, military flight simulators, architectural visualization, and television weather broadcasts.

Its accurate positioning of the sun, moon, stars, and planets give it the fidelity required by serious training applications as well. “The SilverLining integration provides a seamless authoring experience within the LightSpeed workflow,” said Katie Morgan, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Emergent Game Technologies. “From rapid content creation with the custom entity library to real -time interaction with SilverLining elements within the Worldbuilder editor, users will quickly appreciate the speed at which they can create dramatic results for outdoor environments.” Free demos and evaluation packages of SilverLining may be found at, as well as information on royalty-free per-title licenses. More information on LightSpeed and the LightSpeed / SilverLining integration is available today at

About Sundog Software, LLC Founded in 2006, Sundog Software specializes in the real-time rendering of the sky and everything in it. Its flagship product, SilverLining, is a C++ code library that renders physically-realistic skies, natural light sources, 3D volumetric clouds, and precipitation effects for OpenGL or DirectX developers on MacOS, Windows, or Linux. SilverLining is used worldwide by professional game developers, large military contractors developing flight training simulators, architectural visualization companies, and broadcast video application developers. Sundog Software is located outside of Seattle in Sammamish, Washington. To learn more, please visit

About Emergent Game Technologies Best known for its industry-leading 3D game engines, Gamebryo and Gamebryo LightSpeed, Emergent’s technologies have been selected by studios around the globe to bring nearly 300 titles across more than 15 genres to market, including Game of the Year award- winning titles like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as well as critically acclaimed titles like Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Civilization Revolution and Bully. Emergent is driving “The New Face of AAA,” allowing studios to focus on innovative gameplay by enabling rapid prototyping, rapid iteration and rapid production with real- time on-target updates for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system, Wii and PC. As part of the international development community, Emergent provides world class support and technologies evolved from deep relationships with its developer partners. Emergent is headquartered in Calabasas, California, and has offices in Chapel Hill, NC; London; Tokyo; China and Korea. To learn more, please visit