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We have discontinued Unity support

You are free to experiment with the trial version offered here, but it is provided on an as-is basis only. More info here. If you find it meets your needs and you are interested in licensing it, please contact us.

Really though, you should probably go look at alternatives like Ceto for 3D water in Unity, if you’re worried about continued compatibility with future Unity releases.

Still interested? Read on.

Real GPU-Powered 3D Wave Simulations on Unity, Real Fast

Triton Ocean for Unity ProTriton for Unity is a native plug-in for Windows and MacOS desktop standalone projects.

  • Simulates thousands of 3D waves at once, at hundreds of frames per second
  • Built-in buoyancy model to power your floating ships and objects
  • Smooth blending with shorelines
  • Spray and foam at wave crests
  • Real Fresnel refraction and automatic reflections
  • Simulates seas from Beaufort scale 0-9
  • Accelerated with CUDA, OpenCL, DirectX11 Compute Shaders, and/or multi-core CPU’s
  • Accurate JONSWAP wave spectral model suitable for simulation and training
  • Ship wakes with 3D waves, bow spray, and propeller backwash
  • Rotor wash and impact effects
  • Support for volumetric decals that conform to the water surface
  • Oculus Rift support

These are real 3D waves, not just a shader on a flat plane. We’re not exaggerating when we say no other water solution for Unity even comes close to our realism.

Ship Wakes in a Single Pass

Triton for Unity includes a WakeGenerator script that may be attached to any object in your scene. With this script, your object will generate Kelvin wakes that displace the ocean surface, propeller backwash effects behind the object, and particle-based bow spray effects – all automatically, and in the same pass as the rest of the ocean. You may attach as many WakeGenerators in a scene as you wish – Triton will automatically prioritize the ones closest to the camera for you.

Volumetric Decal Support

Specular reflections on Triton's ocean.Applying decal textures to dynamic surfaces such as Triton’s water is hard, but we make it easy for you. Triton includes a decal GameObject that can be used to apply any texture to the water at any position, and the decal will move with the waves. This can be used for things like floating kelp, debris, oil slicks, films – or whatever you can dream up.

Rotor Wash and Impact Effects

Easy-to-use RotorWash and Impact scripts may be attached to any object to generate particle-based spray and real 3D wave displacements and foam from helicopter rotors or from objects hitting the water. This is a real simulation, taking into account things like the velocity, mass, and direction of impactors, and the size and wind speed of the rotors.

Smooth Shorelines

Triton for Unity can automatically create a height map from your scene, used to smoothly blend the water with your terrain at the coastline. This same height information is used to restrict Triton’s water to areas at or below the sea level you define, and also produces breaking wave effects if your terrain realistically extends below the sea. Please note this feature is currently only available on Windows – on MacOS we offer instead a depth offset parameter that may be used to prevent depth fighting at coastlines.

Buoyancy and Collision Detection

Ship buoyancy model powered by Triton for Unity Pro
Triton’s Unity scripts include methods for collision detection along a given ray, or for finding the collision point nearest a given point. Your own scripts may use the points and surface normals returned to accurately place floating objects on Triton’s water. Triton’s included buoyancy model uses this same information to help manage the motion of ships and other floating objects in your scene.

Free to Try

Download Triton for Unity for free and see if it meets your needs for Unity water effects. If so, purchase a license from the Unity Asset Store to remove all licensing reminder dialogs and time restrictions. To install it:

  • Run our installer
  • Import the Triton.unitypackage into your project
  • Drag a TritonPrefab into your scene, and configure it.

Per-project licenses are also available, which include all native source code as well.

Easy to Use

Rough seas in Triton for Unity ProAlthough Triton for Unity wraps over 70,000 lines of code, using it is easy. Simple instructions are included with the package, and we’ve also provided this tutorial video that shows how to integrate Triton’s 3D water into your own Unity scenes. Also check out the demo video of our demo application. Triton also interoperates with SilverLining Skies and 3D Clouds for Unity; by connecting SilverLining’s light sources to Triton’s oceans, and enabling dynamic cube-map generation in Triton, scenes such as the ones on this page become possible. These images all feature SilverLining’s skies and 3D volumetric clouds together with Triton, with the sky, clouds, and sunlight properly reflected in the water.

Ship Buoyancy and Wake Demo

Tutorial Video

Still using Unity 3.5? We still have our older version available, but note that it is unmaintained. Download Trial For Unity Pro 3.5.6 / Windows

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