Leave your OSG weather requirements to us. Save years with the SilverLining SDK.

Fast, realistic atmospheres for OpenSceneGraph Developers.

  • Automatic skies, 3D clouds, and weather for any time and location
  • Simple and reasonable licensing
  • OSG integration code included
  • Used in real flight simulators

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Dynamic Skydomes for Any Time and Location

SilverLining produces accurate skies for any given time and location, fast and automatically. Spend your art resources on something else.

  • Real atmospheric scattering simulation
  • Ephemeris model for accurate sun & moon
  • Crepuscular Rays (“God Rays”)
  • Accurate stars and planets at night
  • Fast performance
  • New Hosek-Wilkie sky color algorithm
  • Dynamic time of day effects
  • Provides tone-mapped natural light sources to light your scene
  • Realistic twilight lighting effects
  • Accurate moon phases
  • High-altitude effects and atmospheric limb from space

Real Volumetric, 3D Clouds – Real Fast.

High-Resolution Cumulus Clouds in SilverLining 3
We use multiple volumetric rendering techniques to give you the most realistic 3D clouds at the best performance. We’ll conjure up any weather you want.

  • Cumulus congestus and mediocris clouds
  • GPU ray-casted stratocumulus
  • Cirrus, cirrocumulus, and stratus
  • Cumulonimbus thunderheads with lightning
  • Sandstorm (haboob) simulation
  • Procedural simulation of cloud growth – no two clouds are the same!
  • Simulate any cloud coverage over an infinite area
  • Clouds move and animate with wind
  • Looks great from the ground and in flight
  • Precipitation: rain, sleet, and snow
  • Automatic cloud shadow maps

Easy Integration With Your Engine

Distant thunderstorms from SilverLining approach ships in Triton's water in Mak Technologies' VR-Vantage.
SilverLining integrates into most engines with just a few lines of code. Like hundreds of other developers worldwide, you’ll be up and running quickly.

  • Support for OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL 3.2+, DirectX9, DirectX10, and DirectX11
  • Libraries for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Integration kits for Unity and Havok Vision
  • Sample code for OpenSceneGraph (OSG), Ogre, osgEarth, and more
  • C++ and C# API’s provided
  • Works with any coordinate system, including whole-Earth ECEF / geocentric.
  • Fast, responsive technical support
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